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Have you always struggled with stenciling? Does it look like a 3rd grader created it after you finish a stenciling project? Have you given up on ever being able to create something beautiful for your home using stencils? Well, girlfriend, you came to the right place today. I’m about to introduce you to stencils that will make you a stenciling rockstar! If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is!

I’ve been crafting for a long time, but I’ve never used anything that impacted my crafting life as Magnolia Design Co. stencils have. So first, let’s talk about the quality. It’s awesome. The stencils hold up to many multiple uses. That’s right; they’re reusable, isn’t that crazy? These excellent silk-screen stencils have a sticky backing on them to hold them securely in place, and it works well, but you’d think once you used it and washed it, the sticky would be gone, and that’s just not so. When used correctly and appropriately cleaned, the sticky lasts for a long time. The company even recently increased the adhesive used on the back, making them even better! 

These stencils also do things that regular stencils can’t do. For example, you can stencil on fabric with the ink pastes, then set the ink with heat and use/wear/wash the item like anything else you’d buy from a store. I have inked tons of t-shirts, tea towels, and other fabric items with no issues at all. Then, I can wash that stencil and turn around and use it to chalk on a piece of wood or other surfaces with outstanding results. It’s truly a dream come true for a stenciler or a stenciler wanna-be. 

And let’s talk about surfaces. Magnolia Design Co sells their surfaces, and they have some that will specifically go with specific stencils, but there are so many things you can stencil on. I’m a big fan of doing Dollar Tree Upcycles and using my stencils to complete the projects! I also often go to thrift stores and yard sales to find great things to stencil on! You can remake anything you want to, bigger and better than it ever was! From glass to metal to wood to plastic, anything is possible when stenciling with Magnolia Design Co stencils. Because they offer both chalk paste and ink paste, they have all the bases covered for you to be able to do pretty much whatever you want to do! 

I haven’t even touched on the business opportunity it presents for anyone interested in a little side hustle, part-time gig, or full-time career! Check out another one of my articles to hear all about that, but while you’re here, look around, check out my tutorial videos, look at the products and feel free to email me with any questions. You can also reach out to me on my Facebook page, Magnolia Design DIY. I go live on that page 5-6 days a week, and you can also check out tutorial videos on our Youtube channel. 

I promise you’ll love these stencils as much as I do. They will change everything about how you craft and give gifts to people! They will change your creative thinking and the quality of what you’re making. Wow, your friends and even yourself with these fantastic stencils! With Magnolia Design Co Stencils, you’re on the way to rockstar status!


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