I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but girls, if you haven’t joined Magnolia Design Company’s Monthly Craft Club you’re really missing the boat! This thing is HOT! For everyone who likes things easy. For everyone who wants the project planned for you. For everyone who’s been hesitant to try reusable stencils but hasn’t yet. For everyone who wants to up their crafting game. For everyone who wants a new way to craft. For everyone who’s been dying to try chalking, but still hasn’t. This is the club for YOU!

Magnolia Design Company, a direct sales company that sells reusable stencils, chalk pastes, ink pastes, surfaces, and accessories debuted a new monthly subscription Craft Club in October 2021. This new club is perfect! Basically, every month you’ll get a different, complete craft kit delivered to your door that includes a new stencil and the chalk paste too! You’ll be able to make a craft from start to finish and it’s all laid out for you to make it easy. This crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s for those who have been wondering about this company and these products. Now, for only $19.99 plus shipping you can try out the products for three months. After three months you’re free to cancel anytime, but girl, you won’t want to.

I’ve been a creator with Magnolia Design Company since October 2020 and even then I wondered why they didn’t offer something like this. I was so excited when they announced it over the summer, and as it was implemented in October I saw people jump on board right away. So many people joined in fact they have at least twice, temporarily halted new members. There’s never been a better time to join Magnolia on any level. Whether you’re joining as a creator or you’re simply joining the craft club, or maybe you’re doing both (yes Magnolia opened the craft club up to their creators too!), you will love all the things you can make with these awesome stencils. Some people refer to them as transfers and some are really confused as to what they are, but let me tell you no matter what you call them, they’re incredible to craft with and they’ll make you a stenciling rockstar!!! With all the attention it’s gotten from the crafting community and the competitors, I’d say this is one of the most popular clubs around currently!

So, when the craft club opens back up (check the website HERE for details) join and let me know what you think. Send me pictures of your craft, and I hope to be crafting with you in the near future on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Until next time!

toodles ~ Jen

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