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Magnolia Stencils, what are they? How do they work? Magnolia Design Company offers a unique product and a unique opportunity to create beautiful home decor and crafts in an inexpensive way. Magnolia Stencils are essentially silk-screen transfers. You may or may not be familiar with what silk-screen transfers are, but in a nutshell, t-shirts you purchase in stores and online are most often made using silk-screen transfers. The benefit to using silk-screen on t-shirts, for example, instead of vinyl transfers is that over time your design will not crack and peel. T-shirts designed with Magnolia Design Company stencils and ink pastes should hold up well, wash after wash and give you a quality product you don’t have to replace in just a few months.

Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques that companies use to print things like t-shirts, bags, towels, etc. The screen printing process using silk-screen transfers has been around for a hundred years. Today, it has evolved from simple stenciling to a more precise merchandised printing method that can be seen everywhere you look. Screen printing has been adapted over time to accommodate a vast array of products and currently, you can see those for sale in shops, stores, and markets all across the world.

There are many different kinds of silk-screen printing. Some of those include serigraphy for graphic design and art and textile printing. Now, after not having much access to this at home, you can screen print all by yourself using a little thing called Magnolia Design Company Stencils. Yes, they’re stencils, but they’re so much more than that. These synthetic stencils have a screen (silk) mesh and an adhesive backing so when you put the stencil in place on your surface (no matter if you’re using our chalk pastes or ink pastes) you can be very precise in how and what you stencil. Because Magnolia Design Company offers permanent ink paste, you can actually even make t-shirts and other fabric items that are personalized to your liking. The items you create with our permanent inks will wash and dry and maintain their original beauty for a long time.

Creating t-shirts is fun, easy, and economical. You can also create mugs, plates, hand towels…the sky’s the limit! You can also save tons of money creating your own sign decor pieces and so much more using the chalk paste Magnolia offers. There’s just so much to do and make, you won’t want to stop with being a customer, why not start your own small business using these great products? That’s what I did!

So, if you didn’t know what a silk-screen stencil was, now you know. Join me on my Facebook page for live demonstrations, and on Rumble and Youtube for other videos of how to use these awesome products. You can get started simply by joining the monthly subscription craft club available to customers, you could join my team and become a creator with Magnolia, or you could simply place an order and start creating at home on your own. Whatever you decide, if you’re crafty, or even if you’re not, you’ll want to try these awesome stencils and make some beauty of your own!

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