Magnolia Design Company Creator’s Kit

I’ve heard it all when it comes to stencils. There are so many different products on the market today, from reusable stencils you can get at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, to stencils you can buy on Etsy, to other companies like Magnolia Design Company that sell similar products. Some are good, some are not so good, but my opinion is that none of them quite compare to Magnolia Design Co Stencils, that many refer to as Magnolia DIY Stencils, but wait, did you mean Magnolia Design Company Stencils? Yes, I think that’s exactly what you’re talking about!

If you’re like me, and many of you are or you wouldn’t be here, you’re all about the DIY! DIY is life, and stencils make the possibilities endless, but you need a product that will stand the test of time and use. Nothing will ever be perfect, but I’m here to say that Magnolia Design Stencils and their other products do an unbelievably good job of holding up to all the use and abuse I give my stencils. I get many multiple uses out of my stencils because I take care to clean them properly and use them in a way that doesn’t harm them. There are lots of ways to use Magnolia DIY Stencils. You can use them with our ink products to create t-shirts, mugs, and hand towels. You can use them with our chalk pastes to create many different home decor items, including candles, plaques, banners, etc. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with Magnolia Design Company Stencils.

I’ve heard people refer to them as silk screen transfers, Magnolia Chalk Transfers, and just plain ole Magnolia Design Stencils. Our stencils are made from a high-quality rubbery material with a sticky back that will adhere to whatever you’re stenciling and not move. This allows you to use the paste to stencil and when done properly it will not bleed under your stencil, giving crisp, clean lines and tons of detail. Whatever you call our stencils, just make sure you jump on board and use them on your next amazing DIY project. If you’re not sure about jumping in as a creator to get that amazing 35% discount, maybe you’d be interested in our monthly Craft Club. The Magnolia Craft Club is an amazing club that just started in October of this year. With the introduction of the Craft Club, Magnolia Design Company is making it possible to subscribe to a DIY craft every month, delivered to your door, with all the things to make the craft inside the box. If you’re not the craftiest person, but you really want to try your hand at these products, this is an amazing way to jump on the Magnolia DIY Stencil train! All aboard! I’m ready to make something amazing, how about you? Why don’t you join me? You can shop directly from this website, or you can just click on this link to be taken to the vast number of products that will make you a stenciling Rockstar! Have fun, and check back in again soon!


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