Magnolia Design Co. stencils are high quality, reusable and incredible. Each stencil has a silkscreen that allows for great detail and beautiful, professional results. The stencils come in varying sizes from 5×7 to as large as 18×18. There are many different stencils available, and all of them can be used for chalking or inking many projects.

Magnolia Design Co stencils relay many different themes, including faith, farmhouse, sarcastic, fun, seasonal, holidays, and so much more! There’s pretty much a stencil for just about anything you want, and if there isn’t, you should become a creator because creators get input and suggest new stencils at any time.

New stencils come out regularly. We see new additions to what’s available every month. How exciting is that? I love working with a company that allows me to have input on the things they produce.

I get lots of questions about how reusable these stencils actually are. I know from experience, if you take care of your stencils properly, they will last. They are reusable up to 10+ times if you wash them properly and promptly and store them correctly. I have lots of tips for more information; check out my page on stencil care!