Magnolia Design Co. chalk paste is a water-based paste formula with the consistency of thick Greek yogurt. The chalk paste is applied wet with a rubber squeegee onto the surface of the stencils and then dries hard. Because the paste is made from chalk and water, it will rub off most surfaces, and therefore to create a permanent design you’ll want to apply a layer or two of a clear topcoat to your design. This is done after you remove the stencil, simply let the chalk paste air dry, or use a heat dryer, or a hairdryer to dry the paste. Once it’s dry to the touch, you can set it permanently with the topcoat. 

These beautiful chalk pastes are currently available in 30 different colors and come in 3 oz jars. They work well on many different surfaces, but generally are not used for fabrics, however, Magnolia Design Co makes an ink paste that is perfect for all types of fabric.

Magnolia Design Chalk Paste