Is this something you have said to yourself a million times? “I want to make something crafty!” Do you often wish you were more talented, artsy, or crafty? Do you long to be able to craft like the people you see online, but you just don’t think you’ll even get there? Man, do I have the best-kept secret for you! Magnolia Design Co is a super fun direct sales business that sells reusable adhesive stencils to make everything from regular crafts to t-shirts and more. You can use them with high-end things all the way down to dollar tree items and come away looking like a crafting rockstar! How do I know this you may ask, well I’m a creator with them, and I have been since the fall of 2020. I joined Magnolia Design Co. because I was already crafting all the time, but I was horrible at stenciling. I saw a friend using them and got hooked pretty fast because of how easy they were to use. Fast forward almost two years and I still love these amazing products.

If you know what “chalking” is then you may think you know what Magnolia Design is, but it’s so much more than chalking. I especially love to use their ink paste to make t-shirts, hand towels and so much more. The ink can be set as permanent and the designs last longer than vinyl designs you can make with a machine. When I think about all the many things I have made and can make with these stencils I just get excited all over again.

There’s really nothing you can’t do with Magnolia Design Stencils, and when you join as a creator on my team you get 35% off of the sales price in your back office. With no monthly quotas to sell and no expensive fees to pay, this is an awesome deal for anyone who wants to be better at crafting or learn a new skill. I also love that these are reusable up to 10 or more times when they are maintained properly. So if you’ve been curious, now is your chance to jump on board. If you want to start slow, join our monthly craft club and get a complete craft shipped to you monthly so you don’t have to be super creative to make something amazing. If you’re a little more adventurous, join my team and start creating once you get your kit. The summer kit HERE has great stencils and fun summer colors of chalk paste.

Don’t put it off another day! If you have questions, reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you about how awesome these products are!

Here’s hoping your summer is full of stenciling, crafting, and fun!


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