Have you been thinking about becoming more creative? Have you considered joining a direct sales company that can support your crafting habit, and love of all things creative? Oh, girl, you’ve come to the right place! Magnolia Design Co is just the most excellent company, with great products, and they give you the ability to make awesome things, support your craft habit, and even build a business if that’s what you want! How exciting is that?

When I joined Magnolia Design Company in October 2020 I felt like I would buy the products, get the discount and create, that’s it. Very quickly I realized it wasn’t just me that loved these stencils, it was everyone who came across them. It was easy to sell them because there was no selling to it. I just shared how awesome they were, and made things that people loved and they joined me and did the same. Isn’t that the way everything is though? If it’s something awesome, no one has any problem joining along. So I realized this could be a business as well as a fun thing to do and share. If you join, you may find the same thing happening to you, but even if you only ever join and use the discount, at 35% off retail, it’s totally worth it!

There’s never been a better time to join Magnolia Design Co. The new summer kit is out and available and you won’t want to miss all those great stencils and chalk pastes that are included in the kit. If you have questions feel free to message me, or if you’re ready to join, CLICK HERE and you will be added to my team after you pay for your kit.

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