Hey y’all, it’s Jen again! Y’all know I’m an avid crafter. I’ve been crafting my whole life, and a few years ago I got on the Dollar Tree Crafting bandwagon and I’ve had so much fun making such amazing things. From upcycling things that the Dollar Tree sells, to completely creating something different from many different items purchased at the Dollar Tree, I’ve seen and done just about everything, but when I started using Magnolia Design Stencils I really upped the game. Suddenly I was able to add sayings, words, graphics, and such to the many different crafts I could create with my Dollar Tree purchases.

When I go into the Dollar Tree I let my imagination run wild. With Magnolia Design Stencils I can create so many things out of the stuff I find, and make it look professional, and yes, even high-end. It’s pretty amazing! One of my favorite things to makeover is those huge $1 charger plates that the Dollar Tree carries. With a little bit of imagination, some paint, and a stencil from Magnolia Design Company I can make a plate for a shelf, the wall, or just a higher-end charger plate for my table decor. Holidays are perfect for this! Everyone will ask you where you got such adorable charger places for the holidays when you used your stencils for a project like this.

So, is that you? Are you that crafter? You’re happy with what you’re making, but do you really want to take your crafting to the next level? Magnolia Design Company is so next level, and it’s growing every day! I’m so excited for what the future holds with this awesome company and the amazing products they sell. If you’re a little leary of joining, just buy one of our kits, or better yet, join the monthly craft box to create something awesome that’s already planned out for you.

If you have questions feel free to message me. I’d love to share what I know about these great stencils and pastes with y’all, and don’t forget to let me know what you created! Until next time, have fun crafting!!!


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