Haven’t you heard? Magnolia Design Company has a brand new Craft Club! The Magnolia Craft Club is fun, inexpensive, and gives you everything you need to complete an adorable craft. When you join the monthly craft club, you’ll get a complete craft kit, delivered to your door every 30 days! The kit will include the surface, embellishments, and of course chalk paste and a stencil. What a great way to break into chalking, and crafting? What an amazing idea?

For just $19.99 a month you can jump on the Magnolia Design Train and start crafting with these amazing reusable stencils. Chalking has never been so easy or so fun, but what is chalking? Chalking is a slang term that crafters use for stenciling with chalk pastes. Chalk pastes are not the same as chalk paint. Chalk Paint is made with two parts latex paint and one part calcium carbonate powder. When it’s mixed you have a paint that requires little to no prep to use, and it lasts! It also gives a farmhouse-style look that is very in right now.

Our chalk pastes are similar, but they’re a paste, not a liquid-based paint, and so the control you have over where and how it goes on your stencil is wonderful. This paste allows you to get great detail in your stenciling that you can’t get with paint, chalk paint, or other stencils, and you can do it all with ease. These stencils are so easy a two-year-old can do it, (seriously.)

So whether you’re just wanting to try Magnolia Design Stencils, or you’re DIYdreaming Magnolia Design Co is the answer to your crafting prayers. Join this club and try what you’ve been considering for so long now! Magnolia Design Co is a Direct Sales Company that sells stencils (transfers) and they have many different lines from Christian stencils, to sarcasm to Farmhouse. There are so many awesome stencils to choose from. Right now all the new 2021 Holiday Stencils are hitting the market. You can shop for those HERE. If you have any questions feel free to reach out, but make sure you join the Magnolia Design Co. Craft Club TODAY!

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