How Do I Join Your Team?

You can join my team by clicking HERE

Please make sure you are on my page. You will see “Sponsor: Jenifer Ridenour” on the upper left-hand side.

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with the enrollment process; I’d be happy to help.

Why Become A Creator?

Find out all the benefits of being a creator HERE.

Whether you want to craft for yourself, you want to make things to sell for your Etsy shop, or you want to build a team and create a full-time income from Magnolia Design Co., all things are possible! The starter kit is perfect for launching a new creative business of any kind. Just use your imagination!

Some of the many benefits of becoming a Magnolia Design Co. Creator include receiving an immediate 35% off back-office discount for all your purchases. You also get a 25%-45% commission back on customers purchasing through your website link. You have the option to build a team and earn more commission, but it is not required to be a creator. And one of the best benefits is that there are NO MINIMUM purchase requirements or monthly/quarterly quotas to remain a creator.

Wanna earn money and have fun? Join my team now

What Comes In The Starter Kit?

The starter kit changes every few months, and currently, we have three starter kit choices.

To see what our starter kits come with, click HERE.

​**Magnolia Design Co. is a new direct sales company, just beyond its first year. Get in on the ground floor opportunity of Magnolia Design Co. by joining a growing, thriving company.

The mid-level starter kit has a retail value price of $179.00 (You pay $69.00), which is a great deal, but we have two other choices if you join now.

Is There A Monthly Fee?

Yes, there is a monthly fee of $10.99 for your replicated website. This fee is not an option. It is the only requirement because Magnolia Design Co doesn’t have any monthly minimums.

The website has two functions:

1. You can send your customers to the site to shop.

2. You can log into your account to make your purchases at a discounted rate and access company information about the products.

REMEMBER: for every sale you make on your website. You will earn a 25%-45% commission! Also, when you join, your first month, your website is FREE!

The best part about direct sales and Magnolia Design Company is that you can create and design a perfect business!

The possibilities are endless, and there are so many ways you can design your business around your lifestyle and earn an income with Magnolia!

Jen Ridenour, Magnolia Design Co. Creator

Creator #105264

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