Are you looking for easy, inexpensive, but unique gifts for friends, family, and colleagues? I’m so happy you stopped by my blog today! I’m about to show you all the awesomeness that’s new from Magnolia Design Co. Let’s first look at some of the newest Holiday Stencils Magnolia Design Company has just released.

I am always in love with the entire Christian line of stencils we have and continue to build, but these Christmas stencils this year are just adorable. From the Polar Express stencils to the “A Christmas Story” stencil…and of course all the cute minis and the faith-based Christmas stencils, Magnolia Design Co really went above and beyond this year to create trendy, beautiful, and meaningful stencils that can be used for all kinds of amazing crafts and home decor pieces. There are even some new surfaces for the holiday season that are available for the first time!

So many amazing products are available this year, and you’re only limited by your imagination! Don’t forget when you’re picking up these awesome stencils to grab some new chalk paste and ink paste, and if you’re needing crafting ideas, check us out on social media! We’re on Facebook as Magnolia Design DIY, Rumble, and Youtube!

I sure hope this has given you a few ideas and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you create with Magnolia Design Co Stencils/transfers. Magnolia Design DIY exists to make sure you stay up to date on the newest things offered, and to help you reach your crafting potential. Have a blessed weekend!

Jen Ridenour

Creator #105264 Magnolia Design DIY


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