Welcome to Magnolia Design DIY. I’m Jen a content creator and full-time RVer with my husband and family. We are followed by thousands on Facebook on our lifestyle page “Enjoyin the Ride“. I’m also an independent contractor and creator for Magnolia Design Co. In August of 2019, Magnolia Design Co was a brand new start-up business, and it’s become one of the BEST Direct Sales Companies to be a part of for many reasons. Magnolia Design has good quality silk screen stencils, good quality chalk and ink pastes, and a great compensation plan for those who want to build their own business and be their own boss.

I became a creator for Magnolia Design Co. out of curiosity. Because I am horrible at traditional stenciling, I continually desired to use them in my many craft projects. I wanted an easy solution, and I found it with Magnolia! I’m still learning, but I love to share my tips and tricks. Whether you’re very crafty or not so much, join me, and let’s have some fun and create some beautiful things for our homes, our friends, and for inspiration!


Jen Ridenour, Creator, Magnolia Design Co.